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Automobile driving schools

Alfred Stevensstraat 96
1020 Laeken (Brussels)
02 478 05 05
02 735 36 37

The STOP driving school was founded in 1954.

Over fifty years' experience ensures seriousness and professionalism.

  • A branch is located at the Montgomery square, an obligatory location of most exam circuits.
  • Another branch is located near the city centre of Laeken.
  • A third branch is located opposite the Woluwe Shopping Centre.

Theoretical courses
on the traffic code are given by state-certified teachers, with all the required qualifications (lawyers, members of the police forces,...).

Practical driving lessons are given by certified instructors who have taken special psycho-pedagogic training. The school requires that its instructors have several years’ experience before they can be a part of the teaching staff. Patience and politeness are the leitmotiv of instructors. Courses are personalised according to the difficulties of each candidate.

A private manoeuvre track is a part of the infrastructure placed at the candidate’s disposal, giving him or her the benefit of access to this track during the courses, in order to perfect parking, u-turns...
A genuine tool for anyone who wants to obtain his/her licence !

The school has a close relationship with the training centre for driving instructors in Waterloo, which it co-ordinates. The school also has regular contacts with the Belgian Institute for Road Safety.

Within the scope of its "after-licence" service, the school completes all the vehicle registration formalities, free of charge. It offers insurance services and can send an automotive expert to advise you on the purchase of a second-hand vehicle.

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